My visit to Tieteen Päivät was nice.  I attended a few presentations.  I hoped it had a bit more practical demonstrations and/or hands-on but I realized its more academical meant for high school kids and adults.  For me it was interesting but was glad I didn’t take our son.

I attended the presentations on Nano technology by three professors and the more I hear about it the more fascinating it gets.  Especially when they tied such an advanced topic to every day science and where we see Nano technology around us.  The other interesting one I attended was on kitchen science.  The presenter showed how regular things like salt on salmon helps/creates chemical reaction in cooking salmon to perfection, what chemical actions happen when a steak is cooked to perfection and what’s in the fluffy dessert made of whipcream etc.  Fun and fascinating…I was thinking how much more fun it would have been to actually see them cooking right there with all the aromas:)  Yesterday was supposed to be for children so probably they have more hands-on activities or demonstrations yesterday but I couldnt’ go again.

In Tampere, this year the Tiedesuunnistus is going to be 5 days instead of regular 2 days and will have lot more programs.  I will post here again as soon as I know more about it.  Every year The Tampere Summer University (Mr. Mikko Mattila) arranges with local companies to give a tour/explain what they do to the high school students of Tampere.  This helps the students to see what exciting opportunities are available out there.

On an off topic from the above, today we did a small toothpick race experiment at home and thought I will share that here.  Its -25c outside here in Tampere at our home and although there are lot of fun things to do outside, we stayed home in the morning and so ofcourse we had to do some experiments.  We saw some toothpicks so thought how about a race for them.

In a big bowl of water, place 3 toothpicks in the center in the shape of triangle (4 toothpicks in a square).  Take another toothpick and dip it in dishwashing liquid and pace the end with the soap in the center of the triangle (or a square).  What happened to the toothpicks?  answer in the next post on monday…

have a great weekend and stay warm,