Sorry for missing two weeks from the blog.  Time slipped out so fast!  Amongst other things, I got a chance to meet the science teachers in Tampereen Lyseo (high school).  They have both national curriculum and IB program and I am interested in understanding more about what’s taught at high school level, what practical experiments do they do in school and what are the challenges they face in doing more experiments.  The teachers were very helpful and spent time discussing about science and showing their lab space and equipment.

For a quick and easy experiment, try this at home.  For Halloween, we happened to get some marshmellows and so we thought of trying an experiment.  When you roast marshmellows on open fire, they do get a bit bigger so we thought of trying it in microwave.  Just take one or two marshmellows and put them in a paper plate and put it on microwave.  Depending on the setting, turn it on upto a minute and watch through the window while its in the microwave.

Post your comments here if possible.  I will add the explanation on friday along with another experiment.

- have a good science week,